1. Twanker5 up,  2 down

A Twitter user who practises bad Twettiquette

That guys tweets are all about him. What a Twanker!

Submitted on 2009-07-22

2. twanker8 up,  7 down

wankers who tweet.

Submitted on 2009-05-10

3. Twanker11 up,  10 down

(noun) a person, organization, or company who uses bad form on or exhibits bad behavior on Twitter.

The twanker sent me an auto-DM trying to sell me his product.

Submitted on 2009-07-20

4. twanker7 up,  17 down

Someone who wanks off Twitter messages.

That guy is such a twanker!

Submitted on 2009-05-13

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