Twitter Symbols Make Your Tweets Visually Engaging!

Are you looking for a way to engage your Twitter followers in a fun and exciting way? Twitter Symbols make it easy to do so and there are tons of different symbols you can use to express any mood or make a point with your tweet. To use some unique Twitter Symbols visit:

Once on the site just doubleclick the character and press Ctrl+C, then open your Twitter account and press Ctrl+V and voila- symbols!

There are three primary symbols used more often than others on Twitter; the “@”, “RT”, and “#” symbols.

The “@” is used to address or reference someone. For example, if someone wanted to reply to someone, they would preface their post with “@twittonary” (or whatever their username is). The “@” symbol could also be used later in the post to reference someone (ie: “I am going surfing with @twittonary”).

The “RT” is short for “ReTweet”. You would use “RT” if you wanted to pass on what someone else has already stated. The typical syntax is “RT @username: [original post]” where the @username is the username of the person who original made the statement. An example of this would be: “RT @cnn: Read about the daily news.

The “#” is used to tag an event, meme, or other keyword to group Twitter posts together. This is also known as a “hashtag”. This allows people to use to search for posts on given topics, or tag a group they are in discussions about. (i.e. #superbowl).

Whether you are tweeting for fun or business, Twitter Symbols make it easier to express what you need to say while helping you achieve your under 140 character requirements.

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