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Every year on Thanksgiving I always try to look at what I am truly thankful for. And while this year has been a bumpy one economically wise for many, it is still important to see the big picture and really appreciate what we have. Its also important to help those who may not be as [...]

Many Thanks

Wasn’t really expecting to go public to soon, but thanks to Shannon Yelland at Sitemasher and her very cool post I decided to finally get the site finished… or at least to a degree here, still lots of words and businesses to add but its coming along. Just wanted to say a big thanks to [...]

First Official Post

Sorry my tweeple for being so slow here. Life interrupted my twittonary fun here… but the site will be up and running very soon. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us anytime at Thanks again and happy tweeting!

last one to get it all down to the bottom there so I can see if I likie